Henry May, PhD (Faculty Affiliate)
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Henry May, Center for Research, Education & Social Policy.

Henry May, Ph.D. is director of CRESP and Associate Professor in the College of Education and Human Development. Prior to joining the UD faculty in 2012, Dr. May spent 14 years as a policy researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, including 10 years as a Senior Researcher and Statistician at the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE). He has served as Principal Investigator or Co-PI on several large scale studies in educational settings, many of which involved mixed-methods randomized field trials.

As a methodologist, Dr. May specializes in statistical and mixed methods for evaluating the impacts of social interventions and policies. For the past 10 years, Dr. May has taught advanced statistics courses to graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Delaware.

Senior Associate Director

Allison Karpyn, PhD (Faculty Affiliate)
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Publicity Photo of Allison Karpyn

Dr Karpyn is Associate Director of The Center for Research in Education and Social Policy, Associate Professor of Education and Associate Professor of Behavioral Health and Nutrition at the University of Delaware. She also holds adjunct faculty positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University and is an Associate Fellow for the Center for Public Health Initiatives at The University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining UD, Karpyn served as the Director of Research and Evaluation at The Food Trust in Philadelphia for 11 years, where her research focused on understanding healthy food purchasing and consumption behavior, especially among children.

Dr. Karpyn  is committed to informing policy and practice with rigorous research designs. Her current research efforts include the study of corner store programs in urban areas and in-store marketing approaches in supermarkets to promote purchase and consumption of healthier options. She is also conducting research to understand the impact a new supermarket has on residents in the surrounding community. She has published widely on topics related to school food, supermarket access, healthy corner stores and strategies to develop and maintain farmers markets in low income areas. A publication list is available here.

Associate Director

Sue Giancola, PhD
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Sue Giancola, Ph.D. is associate director of the Center for Research in Education and Social Policy (CRESP). Prior to joining UD, Dr. Giancola spent over 20 years providing research and evaluation services in education and human services, including 15 years as an independent consultant. Dr. Giancola’s primary area of research involves developing evaluation methodologies that foster the integration of evaluation into program design and to promote the use of evaluation as a continuous improvement component of program implementation.  Dr. Giancola has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of research methods, management of human services programs, assessment, and evaluation.