Senior Associate Director

Allison Karpyn, PhD
(302) 831-6428

Publicity Photo of Allison Karpyn

Dr. Karpyn is committed to informing policy and practice with rigorous but relevant, mixed method research. She currently serves as Senior Associate Director of the University of Delaware’s Center for Research in Education and Social Policy and Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies and holds secondary appointments in Behavioral Health and Nutrition, Education, and Public Policy & Administration. Prior to joining UD, Dr. Karpyn served  for 11 years as the Director of Research and Evaluation at The Food Trust in Philadelphia, a non-profit which works to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food and information to make healthy decisions. There, she pioneered evaluation methods and metrics aimed to capture changes in retail food availability, purchasing and sales and worked to document shifts in awareness and knowledge of healthy food, obesity and food security resulting from program, policy and system change efforts where we live, work, play and learn. Today, she continues work to advance equity and health with efforts that improve the community food environment, reduce disparities in healthy food access, improve the affordability of healthy food, change attitudes and beliefs around the importance of a healthy diet and shift purchasing and consumption habits.  Her current research efforts include the study of in-store marketing approaches in supermarkets to promote purchase and consumption of healthier options, research on the impact of farmers market vouchers on sales and diet, the impact of a new supermarket on residents living in a low income community, as well as educational research examining the translation of research to practice in K-12 schools. She has published widely on topics related to school food, supermarket access, healthy corner stores and strategies to develop and maintain farmers markets in low income areas. Dr. Karpyn lives together with her husband and school-aged daughters.