Educational Contracting and the Translation of Research into Practice

Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, Akisha R. Jones
April 1, 2015

The Case of Data Coach Vendors in Delaware: Accountability puts demands on educational agencies that often exceed their capacity. As a result, a variety of educational organizations are contracted to design and implement policy. Programs and services offered by these contractors are not only instrumental in the process of mediating and implementing policy but may also be instrumental in translating research into practice. To explore this issue, a case study is conducted using vendor proposals for Delaware’s Data Coach initiative. Data are analyzed through content and citation analyses to examine the degree and nature of research use by educational contractors. This research offers new directions for studies of research use in policy but also lessons for policymakers and practitioners that seek the services of educational contractors.

Keywords: knowledge utilization, research use, data use

Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, Akisha R. Jones, Liz Farley-Ripple