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Dear CRESP Community:

With the rest of the University of Delaware, our nation, and the world, CRESP has been responding to the quickly changing turn of events as we all navigate the global health pandemic created by the spread of COVID-19.

Like most organizations and institutions, our staff at CRESP is working remotely to promote ‘social distancing’, though our work continues and most projects are only modestly delayed. If we can be of any assistance to our colleagues during this time, please feel free to contact us at cresp-directors@udel.edu.

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and doing well. CRESP remains dedicated to continuing our mission to improve outcomes for children, youth, adults, and families.

—CRESP Directors

Rigorous research to improve lives

The Center for Research in Education and Social Policy (CRESP) within the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Delaware conducts rigorous research, program evaluation, and policy analysis to help practitioners, policymakers, and the researchers who collaborate with them better understand critical issues in education, community health, and human services.  Learn more about what we do.

Evaluation to improve implementation and assess impact

CRESP evaluators are committed to supporting faculty and staff in their research, quality improvement, and grant evaluation needs. Learn more about CRESP’s evaluation’s

CRESP launches new project centered around food and nutrition research in Delaware

The Delaware Food Research Network (DEFRN) is a collaboration of researchers, policymakers, and advocates, dedicated to many facets of improving food and nutrition for Delawareans. Understanding the impact that food and nutrition have on communities in Delaware, the DEFRN  believes that through research, members have the ability to improve the related food systems both within and beyond the state’s borders. Click Click here to read more about the DEFRN project to read more about the DEFRN project and to access timely food and nutrition resources.

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“I am very impressed with the evaluation work from CRESP. In particular, I appreciate the collaborative attitude and willingness to adapt evaluation strategies to current project needs.”
— CRESP evaluation partner


- 3 days ago

@UDBidenSchool: Thank you for your generosity on this #GivingTuesday! We know that a lot of organizations are requesting your support, and it warms our Blue Hen hearts to see alumni and friends choose to help fund initiatives in the Biden School. 💙💛 https://t.co/Usw0iS7hs3 https://t.co/38KIODPgm9
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- 4 days ago

@UDCCM: Mr. Shashank Sharma manufacturing engineer with @UDCCM will present, Highly-Aligned Short Fiber (#TuFF) Technologies for Sustainable Composite Repair on Dec. 2nd at 9:30am, during the Sustainable Composite Materials Session. @SERDP_ESTCP @UDengineering @UDResearch https://t.co/zRE5e58BR8
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- 4 days ago

@UDCCM: @UDCCM affiliated faculty, Prof. Suresh Advani and Prof. @ErikThostenson along with industry collaborators and funding from @usairforce, will tackle the task of making complex material more viable for building aircraft. @UDResearch The TuFF age | UDaily https://t.co/tAUmGsUOeH
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- 4 days ago

@DelawareINBRE: In the most current issue of the Delaware Journal of Public Health minority health, from disparities to equity are covered. Read more here: https://t.co/d26IAW5fdZ
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