Healing Through the Arts, a Project of Mariposa Arts in Partnership with the Delaware Art Museum.

Allison Karpyn, Bailey Finneran
May 16, 2023

Vanesa Simon of Mariposa Arts launched the “Healing Through the Arts” program with the
help of the Delaware Art Museum in 2017, which seeks to use art to help community
members from diverse experiences and backgrounds to experience healing. Currently, the
program delivers art experiences through 12 partners in greater Wilmington. The program
works with a variety of groups, including those experiencing cancer treatment, those who
have served in the military, or youth exposed to violence or other traumatic events. The
University of Delaware CRESP served as an external evaluator for the project during the
2022-2023 year with funding from the University of Delaware / Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Partnership in Arts & Culture Program.

Read the report below:

Delaware Healing Through Mariposa Arts