Lori’s Hands: Impacts on Participating Clients Final Evaluation Report

Allison Karpyn, Joy Kim, Julia Larock, Tara Silberg, Tara Tracy, Mia Seibold
January 22, 2021

Lori’s Hands, founded in 2009, is a service learning organization based in Newark, Delaware. Every year, over 100 community members receive visits from college student volunteers through Lori’s Hands. The organization’s clientele includes individuals who are living at home with a chronic illness and are willing to share their experiences with the student volunteers who assist them. During the period covered by this report, Lori’s Hands volunteers consisted exclusively of University of Delaware (UD) students. (Since the time of data collection, Lori’s Hands’ Delaware chapter has expanded to include students from Wilmington University and Delaware Technical Community College.