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Evaluation of the Special Education Administrative Leadership (SEAL) program


SEAL is a leadership program for special education administrators in the State of Delaware. CRESP’s evaluation of SEAL utilizes a participatory, theory-based approach. See the following article from the Association of University Centers on Disabilities for an overview of SEAL and the program roll-out. Articles featuring SEAL have also been published in EdWeek  and UDaily. 

Project Start Date: 10/1/20 (officially 2/7/2020)


Riser, D., & Giancola, S. (January, 2020). Delaware Special Education Administrative Leadership (SEAL) Program: Evaluation results from the December 2019 Advisory Group meeting (Publication S20-001). Newark, DE: Center for Research in Education and Social Policy.

earcher: Sue Giancola

Start Date: February 7, 2020
End Date: September 30, 2024
CRESP Lead Researcher: Sue Giancola
Funder: U.S Department of Education
Partner Organization(s): Delaware Department of Education (DDOE), Center for Disabilities Studies (CDS), and the Delaware Academy for School Leadership (DASL)
Partner Experts: Beth Mineo and Deborah Boyer, CDS; MaryAnn Mieckowski and Michael Saylor, DDOE; Jackie Wilson and Alison Travers, DASL

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