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Community Well-Being

Educators and health practitioners alike recognize the connection between children’s health, their ability to learn, and their overall well-being

But our health care system is burdened by chronic disease and our educational system struggles to supply all children with adequately resourced schools. To best address these complex challenges, experts in education, public health, and child development are encouraged to find common ground in policy, research, and advocacy.

Built upon a foundation of multidisciplinary partnerships in education, health, and social policy, CRESP is uniquely well positioned to foster new understandings about the connections between these fields, and to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst stakeholders to address multifaceted issues of community well-being.

Delaware Early Childhood Assistive Technology Demonstration (DECATD) Evaluation

Funder: Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

The evaluation of the DECATD program focuses on two early education sites and measures the extent to which the understanding and use of assistive technology changes upon implementation of program strategies.  The evaluation examines site-specific, pre- …

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