Feeding Families, Evaluation Reports

Allison Karpyn, Nicole Kennedy, Mia Seibold, Tara Tracy
August 30, 2022

Participants in the Feeding Families program are also patients at Westside Family Health, a community-minded, non-partisan Federally Qualified Health Center located in Wilmington, DE. For some patients who are both food insecure and suffer from diet-related disease, finding food often takes priority over finding and preparing specifically healthy foods. As such, the Feeding Families program addresses food insecurity, expands access to fresh foods, provides routine nutrition counseling, and teaches participants how to better manage their chronic diseases. UD-CRESP conducted a rigorous evaluation of this program at both the six- and 12-month points in the program, showing that participation in Feeding Families resulted in improved health outcomes and decreased food insecurity.

Feeding Families