Innovative Title III Senior Healthcare Program: Year 2 Transition Lessons Learned and Intermediate Outcomes

Allison Karpyn, Elizabeth Orsega-Smith, Julia O’Hanlon, Brianna Wolfle, Mia Seibold, Tara Tracy,
January 10, 2022

This report represents a partnership across University of Delaware departments, including the
Center for Research in Education and Social Policy (CRESP) in the College of Education; the
Institute for Public Administration in the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration; and,
Behavioral Health and Nutrition in the College of Health Sciences.

This report serves as an evaluative summary and offers lessons learned from the WeCare program, a
federally funded pilot partnership designed to support innovative health services to older adults
through the Administration for Community Living (ACL).

WeCare YEAR 2 Report Transition Lessons Learned and Intermediate Outcome.