4.0 Research Practice Partnership: 2021-2023 Reports

Young CR, Kim JG, McCallops K, Karpyn A. (April 2021). Strategic Insights from 4.0 Alumni: The Importance of Pivoting (Publication #T21-012). Newark, DE: Center for Research in Education and Social Policy.

4.0 is the largest and earliest investor in education today. The organization focuses on building a pipeline of future innovators by making many early investments aligned with specific fellowship types. 4.0 fellowships provide limited funding ($600-$10,000) and training to a large number of projects, aware that not all ventures will succeed. Over the past 3 years, we have worked together to form a Research Practice partnership that informs ongoing program decisions, provides timely evaluation feedback, and takes deeper dives into exiting and needed data-driven questions. Below are reports completed to date:

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