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Our team routinely publishes in diverse outlets.

Below, find CRESP reports and journal articles on issues of education, nutrition, health, and social policy. Use the search bar to narrow the selection by author, title, description, or keywords.

Ladder for Growth: A National Network to Build Capacity and Test Innovative Strategies for Healthy Food Initiatives (Final Grant Report)

November 2018
Allison Karpyn, Sara Grajeda, Rui Wang, Tara Tracy, Tiffany DeMenna

Fresh Access Bucks: Increasing Food Access and Florida Farmer Sales at Markets Statewide Florida Organic Growers (Final Grant Report)

November 2018
Allison Karpyn, Sara Grajeda, Rui Wang, Tara Tracy, Tiffany DeMenna

Incentivizing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in the Big Apple New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene (Final Grant Report)

November 2018
Allison Karpyn, Sara Grajeda, Rui Wang, Tara Tracy, Tiffany DeMenna

Mapping the Field: Use of Research Evidence in Policy and Practice

October 2018
Elizabeth N. Farley-Ripple, Annette Boaz, Kathryn Oliver, Robert Borst, Xiaoxue Zhang

Food and Public Health: A Practical Introduction

October 2018
Allison Karpyn, PhD (Ed.)

Mental and Behavioral Health

October 2018

Responsive Classroom

August 2018

Chronic Absenteeism and Its Impact on Achievement

June 2018

Middle School Mathematics Instructional Coaching

March 2018

Education Data Systems: A Systematic Look at State Practices Related to Researcher Access

June 2017
Elizabeth N. Farley-Ripple, Jesse Sheeks, Amanda B. Jennings, Andrew Millin

Pairing Animal Cartoon Characters with Produce Stimulates Selection Among Child Zoo Visitors

November 2016
Allison Karpyn, Michael Allen, Samantha Marks, Nicole Filion, Debora Humphrey, Ai Ye, Henry May, Meryl P. Gardner

Our Healthy Block: Evaluation of a community-based healthy eating and physical activity intervention

November 2016
Karen Glanz, Nicole Thomas, Allison Karpyn, Colleen Watts, Alexandra Tomlinson, Carolyn Cannuscio

Healthy Store Programs and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), but not the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), are Associated with Corner Store Healthfulness

June 2016
DeWeese, Todd, Karpyn, et al.

Innovative Zoo Partnership Lending New Insight into the Power of Animals to Market Healthy Food to Kids

June 2016
Allison Karpyn, Michael Allen, Meryl Gardner, Samantha Marks

Do Accountability Policies Push Teachers Out?

May 2016
Richard Ingersoll, Lisa Merrill, Henry May

Reading Recovery: An Evaluation of the Four-Year i3 Scale-Up Research Report

March 2016
Henry May, Philip Sirinides, Abigail Gray, Heather Goldsworthy

Employee and Customer Reactions to a Healthy In-Store Marketing Intervention in Supermarkets

January 2016
Erica L. Davis, Alexis C. Wojtanowski, Stephanie Weiss, Gary D. Foster, Allison Karpyn, Karen Glanz

Connecting Healthy Farms to Healthy Delawareans: A Farm and Food Report

January 2016
CRESP, Delaware Department of Agriculture

Parallel-Group Randomized Study on the Impact of a Modified TeamSTEPPS Training on Resident and Nurse Attitudes Toward Teamwork and their Adherence to Patient Safety Protocols

January 2016
Orlando, Joshi, Carter, May, et al.

An Examination of the Benefits, Limitations, and Challenges of Conducting Randomized Experiments with Principals

December 2015
Eric M. Camburn, Ellen Goldring, James Sebastian, Henry May, Jason Huff

Backtalk: Education is the Best Medicine

September 2015
Allison Karpyn

Year One Results from the Multi-Site Randomized Evaluation of the i3 Scale-Up of Reading Recovery

June 2015
Henry May, Abigail Gray, Philip Sirinides, Heather Goldsworthy, Michael Armijo, Cecile Sam, Jessica N. Gillespie, Namrata Tognatta

Physical Activity and Food Environment Assessments: Implications for Practice

May 2015
A. A. Eyler, H. M. Blanck, J. Gittelsohn, A. Karpyn, T. L. McKenzie, S. Partington, S. J. Slater, M. Winters

Urban Farm Complex Research

April 2015
Nicole Filion, Carly Wine, Eli Turkel, Serita Moss, Katie Russel, Phoebe Connell, Grace Duffy, Madeleine Rouviere, Cassandra Finucan, Juan Pastor

Educational Contracting and the Translation of Research into Practice

April 2015
Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, Akisha R. Jones

A Discrete Choice Approach to Modeling Food Store Access

January 2015
Amy Hillier, Tony Smith, Carolyn C Cannuscio, Allison Karpyn, Karen Glanz

Evaluation of the i3 Scale-up of Reading Recovery | Year Two Report, 2012-13

December 2014
May, Goldsworthy, Armijo, Gray, Sirinides, Blalock, Anderson-Clark, Schiera, Blackman, Gillespie, Sam

The Social Dynamics of Healthy Food Shopping and Store Choice in an Urban Environment

October 2014
C. C. Cannuscio, A. Hillier, A. Karpyn, K. Glanz

Consumer Taste Tests and Milk Preference in Low-Income, Urban Supermarkets

September 2014
Stephanie Weiss, Erica Davis, Alexis C. Wojtanowski, Gary D Foster, Karen Glanz, Allison Karpyn

What Are the Effects of Teacher Education and Preparation on Beginning Teacher Attrition?

August 2014
Richard Ingersoll, Lisa Merrill, Henry May

Approaches for Promoting Healthy Food Purchases by SNAP Participants

July 2014
Erika Gordon, Nicola Dawkins-Lyn, Reid Hogan-Yarbro, Allison Karpyn, Karen Shore, Stephanie Weiss, Sean Cash

Design and Evaluation of the “Our Healthy Block” Pilot Program

July 2014
K. Glanz, A. Hillier, N. Thomas, C. Cannuscio, A. Karpyn, C. Watts

In an Urban Neighborhood, Who is Physically Active and Where?

May 2014
A. Hillier, K. Tappe, C. Cannuscio, A. Karpyn, K. Glanz

Placement and Promotion Strategies to Increase Sales of Healthier Products in Supermarkets in Low-Income, Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods: A Randomized Controlled Trial

April 2014
Foster, Karpyn, Wojtanowski, et al.

Lessons Learned from Small Store Programs to Increase Healthy Food Access

March 2014
J. Gittelsohn, M. N. Laska, A. Karpyn, K. Klingler, G. X. Ayala

Evaluation Matters: Getting the Information You Need from Your Evaluation

January 2014
Susan P. Giancola

Evaluation of the i3 Scale-up of Reading Recovery | Year One Report, 2011-12

August 2013
Henry May, Abigail Gray, Jessica N. Gillespie, Philip Sirinides, Cecile Sam, Heather Goldsworthy, Michael Armijo, Namrata Tognatta

Apples and Oranges: Comparing the Backgrounds and Academic Trajectories of International Baccalaureate (IB) Students to a Matched Comparison Group

August 2013
Henry May, Awilda Rodriguez, Philip Sirinides, et al.

Unequal Access to Rigorous High School Curricula

June 2013
Laura W. Perna, Henry May, April Yee, Tafaya Ransom, Awilda Rodriguez, Rachél Fester

Rethinking Research: Creating a Practice-Based Agenda for Sustainable Small-Scale Healthy Food Retail

April 2013
Allison Karpyn, Hannah Burton-Laurison

The Impact of the GE Foundation Developing Futures in Education Program on Mathematics Performance Trends in Four Districts

April 2013
Philip Sirinides, Jonathan A. Supovitz, Namrata Tognatta, Henry May

The Magnitude, Destinations, and Determinants of Mathematics and Science Teacher Turnover

December 2012
Richard M. Ingersoll, Henry May

Retaining Teachers: How Preparation Matters

December 2012
Richard Ingersoll, Lisa Merrill, Henry May

A Longitudinal Study of Principals’ Activities and Student Performance

June 2012
Henry May, Jason Huff, Ellen Goldring

America’s Youngest Kindergarteners’ Elevated Levels of Internalizing Problems at School Entry and Beyond: Evidence from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study

June 2012
Guang Zeng, Pingfu Fu, Henry May, Barbara Lopez, Lourdes Suarez-Morales, Manuel C. Voelkle, Chen-Pin Wang, Robert F. Boruch

A Policy Analysis of the Federal Growth Model Pilot Program’s Measures of School Performance: The Florida Case

January 2012
Michael J. Weiss, Henry May

The Minority Teacher Shortage: Fact or Fable?

September 2011
Richard M. Ingersoll, Henry May

The Scope of Principal Influence on Instructional Practice

October 2010
Henry May, Jonathan A. Supovitz