Delaware Food Research Network (DEFRN)

The Delaware Food Research Network (DEFRN) brings together a group of individuals, including researchers, policymakers, and advocates, dedicated to many facets of improving food and nutrition for Delawareans. The Network believes that through research, members have the ability to improve the related food systems both within and beyond the state’s borders. Meeting quarterly to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and idea-sharing, the Network develops strategies to maximize research potential, engages in regular cross-sector dialog, and converses with stakeholders to better understand needs and solutions.

CRESP Research Team:

Allison Karpyn, Tara Tracy, Nicole Kennedy, Mia Seibold

Partner Experts:

DE Food Research Network Partner Experts (updated 3-8-21)















  • COVID-19 School Reopening: Supporting School Meals and Students’ Health in School Year 2020-2021. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics & California Food for California Kids at the Center for Ecoliteracy. [Issue Brief]: SchoolReopeningBrief_FINAL (2)





Start Date: December 11, 2019

CRESP Lead Researcher: Allison Karpyn

Partner Experts:DE Food Research Network Partner Experts link provided above

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