4.0 Schools: Early Childhood Education Portfolio, Case Studies, and Interview Results

Karpyn, A., Jelenewicz, S., McCallops, K., Kim, J., Klein, J., Young, C. (May, 2021). 4.0 Schools: Early Childhood. Education Portfolio, Case Studies, and Interview Results (T-21-009). Newark, DE: Center for Research in Education and Social Policy.
April 8, 2021

A goal of 4.0 is to invest in community-centered models of education by providing cash, curriculum, coaching, and community to individuals with innovative ideas that are rooted in equity. Early childhood education (ECE) is one of 4.0’s key investment areas due to its recognition of how uniquely powerful interventions made at this time can be for a child. This report explores the types of ECE ventures 4.0 has funded using both qualitative and quantitative measures, reflects on how these efforts align with trends in the field, and describes how 4.0 has contributed to ventures’ growth during and after 4.0’s fellowship programs.

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