Middle School Mathematics Instructional Coaching

March 1, 2018

Research supports the long-term use of highly trained instructional coaches for improving the teaching of middle school mathematics and increasing the mathematics achievement of students. Coaches work with teachers, both in and outside of classrooms, through goal setting, modeling, collaborative planning, observation, student data analysis, and reflection. Effective instructional coaching in mathematics has been shown to:

  • Improve student learning in mathematics;
  • Increase teacher knowledge of mathematical content; and
  • Improve mathematics instruction.

Research indicates that effective coaching programs have the following components:

  • Support from school leadership;
  • Knowledgeable and skilled coaches;
  • Regular interaction between coaches and teachers;
  • Focus on both content knowledge and pedagogical skills; and
  • Long-term commitment to coaching from district and state administration.

Keywords: education, mathematics, mathematics achievement, instrucational coaching in mathematics, mathematics coaches, middle school mathematics, mathematics instructional coaching initiative

CRESP, Sue Giancola, Coffey, Riser