Responsive Classroom

August 1, 2018

For too many students and teachers, a nurturing, safe, positive school climate is out of reach.
Issues such as adverse childhood experiences, bullying, and chronic absenteeism present daily
challenges. Measures to address these challenges have fallen short and are often punitive actions
that are disproportionately applied to students of color and those with disabilities.
Responsive Classroom is an evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) approach to
teaching that integrates social and emotional skill development with academic instruction.
Research shows SEL programs and initiatives like the Responsive Classroom approach are associated
with improved academic achievement, school climate, and instructional quality. The cost-benefits
are compelling: Responsive Classroom has been shown to yield a 9:1 return on investment (ROI).
Policymakers have the opportunity to scale evidence-based SEL programs like Responsive
Classroom to more schools, districts, and communities. Comprehensive and locally determined
policy solutions should be inclusive; offer guidance and supports to teachers and school leaders,
such as technical assistance and professional development; and reach students grades pre-K to 12.

Full reference list: PB18-003 References

Keywords: Responsive Classroom, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), School Climate, Academic Achievement, Instructional Quality