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Bookworms Case Study Report

In the summer of 2018, the Center for Research in Education and Social Policy (CRESP) at the University of Delaware (UD) was approached by staff of UD’s Professional Development Center for Educators (PDCE) to conduct a case study of the implementation …

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Mapping the Field: Use of Research Evidence in Policy and Practice

The use of research evidence (URE) in policy and practice is relevant to many academic disciplines; and indeed many policy and practice domains. Different methods and approaches to measuring, evaluating, promoting and describing the various ways in whi …

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Food and Public Health: A Practical Introduction

A new introduction to public health’s most elemental topic Food is baked in to most things that public health is and does. But for a field charged with carrying torches as divergent as anti-hunger and anti-obesity, it’s unlikely, even impossible, to sh …

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Mental and Behavioral Health

The prevalence—as well as social and economic costs—of mental, emotional, and behavioral health disorders among American students is alarming. According to the National Academy of Medicine, nearly 1 in every 5 American students struggles with mental, e …

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Responsive Classroom

For too many students and teachers, a nurturing, safe, positive school climate is out of reach. Issues such as adverse childhood experiences, bullying, and chronic absenteeism present daily challenges. Measures to address these challenges have fallen s …

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Chronic Absenteeism and Its Impact on Achievement

An overwhelming body of research demonstrates the negative short- and long-term consequences of chronic absenteeism on academic achievement. Students who are chronically absent are missing critical instruction time and are at the greatest risk of falli …

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Middle School Mathematics Instructional Coaching

Research supports the long-term use of highly trained instructional coaches for improving the teaching of middle school mathematics and increasing the mathematics achievement of students. Coaches work with teachers, both in and outside of classrooms, t …

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Education Data Systems: A Systematic Look at State Practices Related to Researcher Access

As expectations for research and data to inform educational decision making continue to grow under federal policy, state longitudinal data systems (SLDS) are in place in nearly all states and offer a unique resource for generating evidence to support i …

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Pairing Animal Cartoon Characters with Produce Stimulates Selection Among Child Zoo Visitors

In order to address the pervasive trend of under consumption of fruits and vegetables among children, we examined the hypothesis that children would be more likely to select fruits (apple slices, bananas, and oranges) and vegetables (baby carrots) when …

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Our Healthy Block: Evaluation of a community-based healthy eating and physical activity intervention

Philadelphia has a high prevalence of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. To reduce chronic disease, there is a need for targeted, innovative community-based interventions to improve the food and physical activity environments for urban …

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