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Physical Activity and Food Environment Assessments: Implications for Practice

There is growing interest in the use of physical activity and nutrition environmental measures by both researchers and practitioners. Built environment assessment methods and tools range from simple to complex and encompass perceived, observed, and geo …

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Urban Farm Complex Research

This document provides an in-depth look at the possibilities for implementing an urban farm complex on the lot on Gordon Street (Wilmington, DE). We begin with an overview of Wilmington’s Socio-economic Demographics to frame the project followed by ext …

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Educational Contracting and the Translation of Research into Practice

The Case of Data Coach Vendors in Delaware: Accountability puts demands on educational agencies that often exceed their capacity. As a result, a variety of educational organizations are contracted to design and implement policy. Programs and services o …

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A Discrete Choice Approach to Modeling Food Store Access

Assessments of access to healthful food frequently use GIS to measure the distance and concentration of food outlets relative to where residents live. These descriptive approaches do not account for food shopping behavior, which may vary based on the a …

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Evaluation of the i3 Scale-up of Reading Recovery | Year Two Report, 2012-13

Reading Recovery is a short-term early intervention designed to help the lowest-achieving readers in first grade reach average levels of classroom performance in literacy. Students identified to receive Reading Recovery meet individually with a special …

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The Social Dynamics of Healthy Food Shopping and Store Choice in an Urban Environment

To respond to the high prevalence of obesity and its associated health consequences, recent food research and policy have focused on neighborhood food environments, especially the links between health and retail mix, proximity of food outlets, and type …

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Consumer Taste Tests and Milk Preference in Low-Income, Urban Supermarkets

Objective: To explore shoppers’ responses to the taste of different types of cow’s milk in a blind taste test and to examine their willingness to purchase lower-fat milk as part of an in-store marketing intervention. Design: Participants were recruited …

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What Are the Effects of Teacher Education and Preparation on Beginning Teacher Attrition?

This study addresses the question: Do the kinds and amounts of pre-service education and preparation that beginning teachers receive before they start teaching have any impact on whether they leave teaching? Authors Richard Ingersoll, Lisa Merrill, and …

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Design and Evaluation of the “Our Healthy Block” Pilot Program

Informed by a mixed-methods assessment of residents’ shopping and physical activity patterns and barriers and facilitators to healthy food access and activity, and observational assessments of local food environments, we engaged community members in de …

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Approaches for Promoting Healthy Food Purchases by SNAP Participants

The plan for leveraging a nutrition labeling system and the incentive approaches for promoting healthy choices described in this report were developed through a review of the literature, expert consultation, and consideration of ongoing initiatives to …

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