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Retaining Teachers: How Preparation Matters

Using data from the 2003-04 Schools and Staffing Survey, the authors studied how various aspects of teacher preparation affect the retention of new teachers–specifically mathematics and science teachers. They found that the preparation of new mathemat …

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A Longitudinal Study of Principals’ Activities and Student Performance

Although a substantial amount of research on school leadership has focused on what principals may do to improve teaching and learning, little of this research has explored how principals’ time spent on leadership activities may relate to and possibly a …

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America’s Youngest Kindergarteners’ Elevated Levels of Internalizing Problems at School Entry and Beyond: Evidence from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study

The study investigated developmental trajectories of internalizing problems from kindergarten to fifth grade in young kindergarteners versus older peers in kindergarten, as well as factors that may be attributed to such differential trajectories. Data …

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A Policy Analysis of the Federal Growth Model Pilot Program’s Measures of School Performance: The Florida Case

As test-based educational accountability has moved to the forefront of national and state education policy, so has the desire for better measures of school performance. No Child Left Behind’s (NCLB) status and safe harbor measures have been criticized …

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The Minority Teacher Shortage: Fact or Fable?

Over the past two decades, efforts to recruit new minority teachers have been very successful, but retaining them has not. Keywords: Recruitment, employment, retention, teacher shortage, teaching Richard M. Ingersoll, Henry May

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The Scope of Principal Influence on Instructional Practice

Researchers have used many angles and perspectives to investigate how principals enact instructional leadership in schools. Most research has emphasized the practices of school leaders, although investigations of leadership styles and leadership proces …

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4.0 Research Practice Partnership: 2021-2023 Reports

4.0 is the largest and earliest investor in education today. The organization focuses on building a pipeline of future innovators by making many early investments aligned with specific fellowship types. 4.0 fellowships provide limited funding ($600-$10 …

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